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Visa Application Charges and Payment Methods

Visa Application Charges and Payment Methods

Information on visa fees and charges for applications processed in Bangladesh is available here.

Information on visa fees and charges for all visa subclasses is available here.

How to Pay

For applications lodged in Bangladesh, payment can be made by a pay order or a bank draft obtained from any branch of the Standard Chartered Bank or by bank draft purchased at the BRAC Bank counter at the Australian Visa Application Centre (VFS-AVAC) in Dhaka. Pay Orders and Bank Drafts are to be made payable to the 'Australian High Commission'.

NOTE: Personal cheques and credit card payments are currently not acceptable.

Paying in Australia for an applicant outside Australia

Payment of the visa application charge can be made in Australia, in Australian dollars (AUD) only, for an applicant outside Australia. See Payment methods for applications lodged in Australia.

Note: Please do not send cash through the post/courier.

The exchange rates used to calculate the visa application charge payable in a foreign country are updated periodically. While the Australian dollars (AUD) amount of a visa application charge may not change at this time, the amount payable in a foreign currency will change in line with the exchange rate and this may increase or decrease the cost of a visa application made overseas. Please visit this page for current fees and charges or contact us.